What if there is something much better possible for mobility?

What if we can find a way of transportation that is actually sustainable and not just sounds good. What if?

– The What if conference is CANCELLED Forum Cultural De Alcochete April 2023, now incorporating Podcar City We will provide more information as soon as we have an update to the next event.
The time to change direction is now.

Many of today’s mobility options are based on solutions that are incredibly wasteful and impact Earth’s resources and energy in negative ways. During production, distribution, infrastructure build and daily use, these methods are unsustainable. We are at a moment, now, on Earth, when there is more need than ever for a new paradigm of living.

The What if conference – be a part of the solution and work with the students of future!

We believe that there is something better behind the horizon. What is there out there that can make a considerable change in how we get around in everyday life that is safer, more convenient and available for all? The What if? conferences are a series of gatherings looking into short- and long term ideas in collaborations with students all of the world!

The day of the conference – A day of ideas!

POSTPONED UNTIL 2024 The What if? Conference will be filled with innovative speakers, workshops and lectures. The first day of the conference will consist of a professional program, and the second day focus entirely on the student program with workshops, small seminars and expo.

… there floor is set for great knowledge and groundbreaking ideas.

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