Recognizing the trailblazers

20 Sep 2022

Many companies today have products and solutions that are based on the idea of a shared mobility. We have listed a few of them here and recommend that you read and learn from them! Envisionride is about discovering more ideas and getting inspired by the ones that already exists to plan for a future mobility based on sharing and conservative use of earth resources. We have focused below to technologies that actually exists, either as a test track or fully developed. The image is from the oldest running system in Morgantown, West Virginia. All systems listed below are much more modern.

Modutram Mexico

Easymile France

2Getthere & Oceaneering Netherlands/USA

Ultra Global PRT UK

Ottobahn, Germany

Supraways, France

Vectus PRT, South Korea

Navya, France

Futran, South Africa

Glydways, USA

Skytran, USA & Israel