Digital Twins / 4D models

01 Jul 2022

Imagine standing close to a building that you know is virtual and still being able to almost touch it. With high-quality, 3D renderings and lifelike simulation models utilizing sound, light, and movements, we help stimulate your senses and make your projects come alive. We call his 4D technology. It’s a high-tech visualization tool that gives you a unique edge in understanding and communicating your development ideas to all stakeholders. Cities and urban areas around the world are implementing this technology to plan their future life – both regarding the urban landscape and mobility.

The 4D digital twin technology is a basic part of the envisionRide program, and all teams have this tool available for their work. See an example of 4D technology made by 4Dialog with support from Matthew Lesh, an expert in new mobility solutions. The video features the American Planning Association meeting in 2019 where iCristal wanted to show their electric shuttle solution at a digital twin of the APA conference in New Orleans.