Call for Papers

31 Oct 2022

The Envisionride program invites professors, researchers, graduates and undergraduatesĀ“
students to submit their original unpublished work to be considered for publication at What If?
Conference in Alcochete Portugal April 14-16.
EnvisionRide is an organization based on participants focused on a single idea – to
research and discuss the concept of a significantly better technology solution for future
mobility and enhancing urban green environment. The term “More Than a Ride” refers
to the notion that a mobility change for all will alter the urban landscape and way of life.
By getting around more sustainably, we can also redirect resources into everything from
environmental projects, youth programs, elderly care, culture, democracy, and
We welcome research articles focusing on the effects of large scale innovative shared mobility
that avoids the use of the private car and utilizes considerably less earth and human resources.

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