How to Participate

Our options for EnvisionRide program participation and conference

We provide several participation options – student, private, academic, company sponsor and government organization and agency. Each option comes with various advantages and possibilities.

You can read a detailed document here for full information here.

Benefits and advantages in participating

  • All seminar participation free – both virtual and in person
  • All conference fees about 30% off all prices except partnership/sponsor
  • Expo day (second day of conference) attending free for all
  • Challenge posting free for all organizations (note – must have a challenge prize)
  • Included access for social media
  • For Academic and Government organization – eligible for both small and large challenge funding
  • For Companies – world wide exposure of products and services in all media and events
  • For pricing, please see “Contact and register” page.
  • Sponsor info:
      • Silver – €2000 – Quarter page article newsletter, 1 ticket, logo newsletters and homepage
      • Gold – €3000 – Half page article newsletter, 2 tickets, logo newsletters and homepage
      • Platinum – €5000 – Full page newsletter, 3 tickets, logo newsletters and homepage
      • Partnership level with EXPO space 16 m2 + Speaking at dinner – €10,000 – Full spread newsletter, 5 tickets, logo newsletters and homepage and participation at press conference

What are we using the participation funds for?

  • Administration and marketing
  • Software and 4D models for teams and their challenges
  • Small to medium donations directed towards select Universities and research centers
    • Larger donations usually come from philanthropy and public funds

Contact & Registration